We drive the growth of agroindustrial companies by developing community relations, knowledge and talent.

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The event

Since 2015, we have driven conversations that bring together experts from different fields with large business owners and SMEs, managers, advisors, young professionals, students and entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector who are looking to take a leap in the professionalization of their companies.

The space

Agromanagement consists of a series of meetings that bring together the agricultural community in order to build exchange networks and transform management, leadership and innovation in agricultural companies.

Working with other parties in the sector, we created this space to favor the exchange of knowledge, share tools and seek out new ways to optimize the management of agricultural companies.




years of experience


big names and industry leaders as speakers





Take a look at some of the speakers present at the event

Gerardo Bartolome
President of GDM Group

Alejandro Elsztain

Federico Braun
President of La Anónima

Mariano Bosch
CEO of Adecco

Federico Trucco
CEO of Bioceres

Gonzalo Tanoira
President of Miguel Global

Andre Grobocopatel
Founder of Los Grobo and FLOR foundation

Luis Bameule
Former president of Quick Food and agricultural producer

Ciro Echesortu
Former president of Louis Dreyfus

Gabriel Delgado
Former Minister of Agriculture

Ignacio Plaza
Partner & Co-founder of Draper Cygnus

Isela Constantini
Former President of Aerolíneas Argentinas

Juan Manuel Vaquer
President of Dupont

Luis Miguel Etchevere
Former Minister of Agriculture, Farming and Fishing

Santiago Bulat
Economist and expert in finance

Julia Bearzi
Executive Director of Endeavor Argentina

First-rate presentations

Agromanagement 2017 Summary

Federico Braun presentation

Gustavo Grobocopatel presentation

Gerardo Bartolomé presentation

Agromanagement for Youth

The youth are the great makers of the agroindustry of the future. Recognizing their importance, in 2018 we created an event especially for them. The goal is to motivate them, bring them in contact with real cases, give them the opportunity to learn from big names in other industries, expand their contact network and offer them tools and ideas that they can swiftly put into action.

2019 edition

In the 2019 edition, we added an “Innovation Festival” to connect young talents with AgTech companies and startups looking for young professionals from different fields. Present at the meeting were 15 startups and nearly 200 participants.






Startups and companies


In collaboration with universities

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Talks, workshops and training sessions

The Palermo Rural Exhibition

For 15 years in a row, we have participated in the Exhibition providing tax, innovation and business training for producers all around the country, reaffirming our commitment to professionalize agricultural companies.

The AAPRESID Conference

We contribute our ideas to one of the most innovative institutions in the country: the Argentine Association of Direct Seeding Producers (AAPRESID). At the AAPRESID Conferences we give talks and training sessions, and coordinate IQ Groups, from which there spring the solutions of the future.

The Rosario Chamber of Commerce

We are moderators in the Investment AgTech panel and collaborators in the national AgTech table. We contribute our entrepreneurial vision and generate networks with the national innovation system in order to support innovation from and for the agroindustry.


Every year, we travel to San Nicolás to meet with producers at the largest open-air exhibition center in Argentina. We give talks and help producers to decide what machinery and supplies to buy, and how to buy them, through guided tours with real-time advisory.


The members of CREA (a regional association of agricultural producers) are known for their productive efficiency and solid training. We support company leaders and advisors by providing training on the best tax strategies for agricultural and cattle-raising companies.

First virtual congress of ACA Youth

We monitored the “Doing business in the agroindustry” group of ACA Youth, the youth division of the Argentine Cooperatives Association. The activity was one of the agenda items for the launch of an online platform created to host the first virtual congress with over 500 youths from all around the country.

Monday Meetings

A series of online meetings organized by Agromanagement. In them, four professionals provide advisory to agroindustrial companies and their members during the uncertain times brought about by the preventive and mandatory lockdown.