“The problems of producers and the agricultural value chain are the trigger and our starting point for designing and creating new and innovative services”

Juan Manuel Barrero, PARTNER

We grew and invested in the Argentine agroindustry

Our identity is rooted in land and farming. We are the second generation of accountants supporting the growth of families and companies in the agroindustrial chain by providing auditing, tax, financial, legal, management and administration services

We are the perfect combination of tradition and innovation

Adding value, driving knowledge, fostering win-win relations and having a long-term vision: these are the principles that have guided us for 40 years to continue generating TRUST in the agroindustrial ecosystem.

We changed in order to keep learning

Just as technological and scientific advances have transformed production processes, so has our role as financial advisors changed. Today we help clients such as yourself make business decisions, and we have become a strategic partner for your company.

We take care of your legacy

We are no strangers to the dynamics of family-owned agricultural companies, the challenge of protecting and enhancing the family legacy, and all business owners’ need to trust that their advisors are up to speed with the latest tax, financial and accounting regulations without neglecting production. Our goal is to maximize profitability in agribusiness.

We drive innovation

New problems cannot be solved with old recipes. Agriculture has changed: it’s not what it was and it’s not what it will be. We question our conventions to design solutions that solve today’s problems and better prepare us for the challenges to come.

We’ve developed a global vision of business

We are aware of the variables that play a part in international operations and familiar with the challenges involved in working globally. We understand the mind, the demands and the vision of entrepreneurs operating in markets around the world. Our services are designed to support business expansion and optimize the management of multiple transnational assets.

We create, together

We believe in, harness and enhance the power of networks. That is why we created Agromanagement, a space for the exchange of knowledge and management tools that brings together all the players in the agroindustrial chain to pursue a single goal: finding new ways to improve the financial, social and environmental management of agricultural firms.

We empower entrepreneurs

We are active players in the development of the region’s entrepreneurial community. We deliver courses, run workshops and provide training, prepare reports and communication materials, and offer advisory to AgTech entrepreneurs and those in other industries, through all stages of development.

Our culture

We are producers

We understand the challenges of producers because we are producers


We protect profitability because we know how much effort it takes to achieve


We work in teams because we believe that innovation is born out of diversity


We are honest and responsible, and we admit to our mistakes


We are strong-willed forward thinkers who move into the future without ignoring where you come from


We work hard to create a world of opportunity for those who radiate entrepreneurial energy

Want to join our family of professionals?

If you’re passionate about the agroindustry and hold a degree associated with our services, then we have a world of opportunity to offer.

> Connect with companies in the agroindustrial chain that appreciate your knowledge and — above all — your passion for land and farming

>  Put your technical skills to work and add value to the growth of Argentina’s largest industry

> Be part of our clients’ evolution

> No matter where you are, we can work together 100 percent remotely!

Get ready to be a strategic advisor of the agroindustry of the future