Why Argentina?

Argentina is internationally known for its agroindustrial complex, which offers excellent weather and soil conditions, long-established human capital and a preference for technology adoption for working the land.

Ready availability of natural resources

> 8th largest country in the world, with 53 percent of its land apt for agriculture

> Large areas of high-productivity agricultural land

> Fertile soils with abundant water

> Diverse geography and climate

Highly skilled and technologically advanced sector

> Qualified human resources

> Advanced business practices

> Leaders in the application and development of AgTech

Established international reputation for its healthy, natural, quality produce

> Free of CSF, ASFV and PRRSV

> FMD-free zones where vaccination is practiced and where vaccination is not practiced

> Free of Avian Influenza

> Negligible risk of BSE

Largest and most efficient soybean exporting complex in the world

Present at the most demanding markets around the world, such as the European Union, the United States, China and Israel.


Largest exporter of soybean oil


Largest exporter of biodiesel


Largest exporter of lemon oil


Largest exporter of peanut oil


Largest exporter of soybean


Largest exporter of wheat flour


Largest exporter of beef and pork

How we may help

We have a profound knowledge of all the segments in the Argentine agroindustrial value chain. We combine more 40 years’ worth of experience with modern management practices in order to provide agribusiness services to clients around the world who are looking for investment opportunities in Argentina and the region.

> M&A and support in the Due Diligence process

> Identification of value opportunities and market niches

> Local and international tax planning

> Management, accounting, tax handling and personnel administration

> Family Office Support

> Agricultural management, reports and indicators

> Representation before operators in the local value chain

> Definition of the local and international corporate structure

> Softlanding